Charlotte Hornets: Realistic Expectations For The 2016-2017 Season

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce a new writer to the TSP family and to all of the Hornets’ faithful fans that visit our site.  Please join me in welcoming Brian McGuire.  I am having to post his first article as we are having a little maintenance on the site, and adding new writers […]


Charlotte Hornets Media Day 2016

Charlotte Hornets Media Day 2016 Is it a little early to be posting an article for Media Day? Yes it is. So why am I posting it? My reason is a very simple one. After almost 6 years in existence and 5 consecutive years of attending the Media Day for the Charlotte Hornets, Trade Street […]


Charlotte Hornets Point Guards; Lots of Depth, Experience with the Team

Charlotte Hornets and depth are 2 words that, for the longest time, have not really gone together.  In terms of basketball, depth refers to the amount of “quality” players you have at any given position.  With depth comes strength of the team.  That strength is so very important for many reasons.  Depth means that when […]


Charlotte Hornets Starting Center – Who Will it Bee?

It seems like every year, there are discussions about who should be starting at each position.  In the case of the center position, we’ve never exactly had a single, strong group of centers that could compete for the job.  We rode the coat tails of Al Jefferson for 3 seasons, and by that 3rd season, […]


Charlotte Hornets Roster; the 2016-2017 Season

Hello Hornets fans!  I think it’s time to start writing about my favorite pro team in the whole world, and my only true pro sports passion: the Charlotte Hornets.  If you’re new to the site, welcome aboard.  If you’re used to my writings and opinions and still decided to return, welcome back! One thing that […]


Big Deal: Save $25 on ALL Ticket Network Orders

The 4th of July weekend is coming quickly upon us and our friends at Ticket Network are running a special promotion to celebrate our Independence Day! Use promo code USA25OFF to take $25 on all orders over $150.00*. If you can’t save the world from an alien extinction this 4th of July, at least you can save some […]

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Let’s Talk Hornets Drafting for 2016

The Charlotte Hornets are currently sitting with the 22nd pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.  The rumor mill is in full swing, throwing names in the air that the Hornets should pursue in free agency, in the draft, and/or in trades.  It all boggles my mind.  I dislike that the draft is before free agency […]

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Talking Hornets Basketball: Who We Got Staying? Who Should We Draft?

The Hornets roster will most likely look different next season.  Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is in “the eye of the beholder”.  One thing is fairly certain; we know who will be returning.  If you don’t know, here’s a quick list of who we have currently under contract: Kemba Walker […]

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The Playoffs are Over! Let’s Talk Hornets Basketball

I have to say that I discovered something about myself during the playoffs.  Typically I do not write anything about the NBA once my team is out of it.  I wait for the playoffs to end, and then I pick back up discussing our “Men of Teal”.  Well, this year was no different, except for […]


Hornets Snap Playoffs Drought; Defeat Heat, 96-80

It’s been a long time coming Hornets fans. Hope you don’t mind this walk down memory lane, but I feel it’s necessary so that everyone can understand the importance of this win. In the previous 2 playoff appearances, the Charlotte Bobcats were swept away in a fairly easy fashion. In the first appearance, the team […]


Heat Beats Defenseless Hornets; Hornets Fall to 0-2 in the Series

Once again, our “Men of Teal” did not play defense.  Our offense had a much better game, even though our 3-point shooting is all but non-existent.  Any team that can maintain a field goal percentage north of 55% will not lose a game.  The Heat have been doing that very thing this entire series.  It […]


Heat Squash Hornets in Game 1 of the Playoffs

Take a good look at the picture for this article.  I count 5 spectators watching Dwayne Wade making a layup.  By spectators, I’m referring to our Hornets starters. Not a whole lot can be said about the first game of the playoffs for the Hornets.  I’m really late to the party in terms of publishing […]

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Hornets Close the Regular Season with a Victory; Defeat Magic 117 – 103

Last night’s game was like many of the Hornets games this season.  It was full of highs and lows.  It was full of bright spots and dark spots.  In the end, however, the Hornets just shifted into overdrive and won their last game of the regular season. Positives from last night’s game include that none […]

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Lin It to Win It; Hornets Swarm to Defeat the Spurs

I sat through that dreaded first quarter last night.  Right before tip-off I was talking on Twitter about how the Hornets couldn’t fall behind to the Spurs early because they were not a team that you catch back up to and beat.  As that dreaded quarter stormed on, there were comments from Twitter folks that […]


Hornets Playoffs Time: Coming Soon!

Feels good to have an article called “Hornets Playoff Time:Coming Soon”.  It feels even better to know that the #KeepSwarming train would really have to derail in order for the Hornets to not make the playoffs this year.  The Eastern Conference has definitely been a tight race all the way to the finish, and although […]