It’s Official; The Hornets are on a Win Streak!

3 wins in a row can be defined as a win streak.  Last night’s blowout victory gave the Charlotte Hornets the chance to say that they are currently on a win streak.  It just feels good to say win streak.  We’ve had our fair share of losing streaks, so I’m going to say it one […]


Hornets Win 2 in a Row; Is this the Turning Point?

Hornets fans, our beloved team has now won 2 games in a row.  I didn’t write an article after the victory in Philly because honestly, it was a game that we should have won.  I mean honestly, a team with 24 turnovers in a game should not win.  I feel bad for the Sixers though.  […]


Wash, Rinse, Repeat; Hornets Blow Yet Another Lead

My birthday present to my mom was to take her to a Hornets game.  Her birthday is Friday, so I wanted to take her to Wednesday’s Hornets game against the Phoenix Suns.  We have gone to Hornets games since before they were Bobcats and Hornets again, so that is always a great gift to give, […]

Hornets head north to battle struggling 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are clearly a team in the rebuilding phase. They are 2-22 which is good for dead last in the Atlantic Division and in the NBA. The 76ers really struggle to score points, which was most evident in their 107-87 thrashing by the Boston Celtics on Monday night. The scoring woes will improve […]


Hornets Fall to Cavaliers 97-88

The Hornets got their first glimpse of the new “Big 3″ as they Visited, LeBron, Love, and Irving in Cleveland.  After a 21-0 start for the Cavs, the Hornets second unit came in and did what they could to make a game of it.  Down only 9 points, entering the 3rd quarter, perhaps things would […]


Oh, What is Wrong with My Bobca…um…Hornets?

I promised myself this season that I would not miss writing a recap for my Charlotte Hornets. In years past, Trade Street Post always made sure that someone would cover every game. Even in the 7-win season, we did a really good job of at least putting something out there, no matter how bad it […]


Are Teal and TWC Arena Good Luck Charms?; Hornets Snag 2nd Victory in a Row

Tonight’s game stats shatter what I’ve been saying in order for us to win games.  We didn’t out-rebound (45-44), we didn’t have the better FG% (43.7 vs 41.7), but none of that mattered tonight as we came away with a 96-87 victory.  We finally held a team under 90 points and Al finally started to […]



After a solid 2 game winning streak the Charlotte Hornets finally have something to build on. Don’t bring us down because we feel so real. Every little step we take is part of the bigger picture. And although this is just another day, we got to keep the mindset and do it again. Bring on […]


nba arcHIVE: Lessons from the 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets

One year ago the Brooklyn Nets found themselves sitting at 6-14 (compared to the current 5-15 Charlotte Hornets record). What would eventually slide into a 10-21 start, soon became a memorable January turnaround that led to reaching the 2nd round of the playoffs as a 6th seed in a historically lackluster conference. With teams in the […]


Hornets Break the Losing Streak, But…

I’m so glad I can report a Hornets win tonight. It’s hard to watch loss after loss, mixed with some really bad play calling, and poor decisions on the court, but tonight… Yeah, I’m not going there.   Another 20-point lead squandered away tonight as we win our game, 103-102. I know it doesn’t matter […]


Something has to give in Charlotte!

While sitting through the Hornets 10th straight loss, one thought kept running through my mind: How is this possible?  How does a team with this much talent play so poorly over and over?  How is a coach so stuck in his ways that he will not adjust his offense in order to win?  How is […]


10 Losses in a Row for the Hornets; What the…

I’m going to start off by apologizing to anyone I argued with on Twitter tonight. I’m angry, but the truth of the matter is that sometimes the truth hurts. I love this team and it takes a lot of love to defend them like family. I grew up a Hornets fan, celebrated the return of […]


Hornets Take 9th Loss; Blown Out By Hawks

I’m keeping this brief for everyone. The Hornets were totally annihilated last night by the Atlanta Hawks, 105-75. They shot a horrendous 33% from the floor, 21.7% from the 3-point line (made 5 3-pointers), out assisted (31-20), and were out rebounded again, 44-38. There’s really nothing I can say about this loss. We were manhandled […]


8 Is Not Great; Hornets Skid Continues

How many more times can I say it? It was another close loss for the Hornets as they fell to the Warriors 106-101. I can’t wait to write a recap where we can discuss a win. I mean over and over I point out where we were behind in categories, and I blame that for […]


The Teal and Purple Lose 7th straight

We can’t just look at stats on this loss. Well, you can, but it doesn’t make the loss appear to be a cut and dry one. The Hornets had a better overall field goal percentage than the Trailblazers (43.6% vs. 42.4%). They also out-assisted the Blazers 29-21. Those are key numbers that can decide victories […]