Hornets CRUSH Bulls For Their First Win Of The Season!

It’s good to be back on Trade Street Post! I know a lot of you may not remember me but, I slogged through the blogging trenches in the formative years of this blog. A lot of good times were had and many more are to come! On to the game. The new broadcast crew is […]


Careless Hornets Turn the Game over to the Hawks

Wondering about the article’s picture?  I like to use that one when a game is lost because of turnovers.  Sick humor?  Maybe.  Did this make you laugh?  I hope so. A team cannot commit more turnovers than the other team and expect to win a game. This is especially true when 25+ points come off […]


New Look Hornets Fall to Heat

The 2015-16 NBA season tipped off for the Charlotte Hornets last night in Miami, FL, versus the Heat.  While the preseason team went 7-1, the regular season will always prove to be a much quicker and more intense game, with longer minutes for the starters.  Unfortunately, with 7 new players, MKG out for 6 months, […]


Kemba and J-Lin; The 1-2 Punch Through 4 Preseason Games

If you recall, I ran an article before the season began, discussing how Kemba and Lin could be the 1-2 punch that the Hornets needed at the point guard spot.  I compared numbers and illustrated that there should be very little drop off, if any, when Lin came in for Kemba.  Well, that was using […]


What Will It Take?

I followed the Hornets from when their existence in Charlotte began until they departed to New Orleans.  Once Charlotte got a team again, my following also started back.  I’ve followed the Bobcats/Hornets for the past decade.  In that time I’ve seen some great basketball, and some basketball that I wish I could un-see.  So I […]


2015 Charlotte Hornets Media Day

So the 2015 Charlotte Hornets Media Day is in the books.  This makes the 4th appearance Trade Street Post has made to one in it’s almost 5 year existence.  It’s definitely one of the biggest events that our site can attend because it gives us a chance to actually sit and talk with the players […]


Charlotte Hornets Media Day 2015 – Talking with Jeremy Lin

The 2015 Charlotte Hornets Media Day is in the books folks. There were a ton of news media there as well as “the blog sites”, as we were affectionately referred to during the day. I live tweeted pictures from Time Warner Cable Arena during the entire event yesterday. I went until my phone battery gave […]

With Most Talent In Years, Hornets Looking To Bounce Back In 2015-16 Campaign

One season after making the playoffs and returning to their roots, going from the Bobcats to the Hornets, Charlotte struggled mightily in the 2014-15 NBA campaign, ending up in the bottom portion of the Eastern Conference. It was especially disappointing, considering the promise they exhibited in the year prior. Gone is last year’s big free-agent […]


Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb; Batman and Robin Together Again

So what’s with the Batman and Robin title?  There was an article on Bleacher Report that referred to the 2 in college as such because it seemed like Lamb was always there to help Walker when he was struggling to carry the team.  Bobcats/Hornets fans understand Kemba and the Batman comparison.  Many times, Kemba has […]


New Faces, New Skills; How will it all fit together?

This summer, the Charlotte Hornets made a good bit of roster changes.  So many, in fact, that there are 7 new players on the roster right now for the 2015-16 season.  You all know what the next statement usually is when there is a roster change as dramatic as this: It’s going to take time […]


From the Hendo to the Wall vs. Nic at Night; A Trade at a Glance

Former Cats Crazies know exactly what I’m talking about when I say, “From the Hendo to the Wall”.  That was our battle cry for Gerald Henderson when the Cats Crazies existed.  If Hendo did something good, we would belt that phrase out.  Hendo, the last of the long tenured Bobcats/Hornets was traded this summer along […]


Who is Spencer Hawes?

I’m ashamed to say that when the Charlotte Hornets made the trade to send Lance Stephenson to the Los Angeles Clipper for Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes, I immediately said, “Who is Spencer Hawes?” I’m a sheltered NBA fan.  The Charlotte Hornets are my only true pro sports passion, so, of course, I let popular […]

Hornets Additions

Frank the Tank, Linsanity, and More – Here Come the 15-16 Hornets!

Howdy Hornets fans!  Has this summer been exciting or what?  There have been trades, a draft pick, free agent signings, and summer league to boot!  What has all of this meant for our beloved Charlotte Hornets?  Well, it means so much as we approach the 2015-2016 season.  I’ll touch more on that in a bit.  […]