Rough Road Trip Ends with LeBron Scoring 61

I fully planned on writing a 2-for-1 recap of the OKC and the Miami game.  Sadly, I just can't bring myself to do it.  I want to mention a few brief observations of what went down, but I also want to point out that the last 2 losses were against the NBA Finals teams from […]

The Bobcats Fantasy Buzz – Installment 4

  The fourth installment of the fantasy buzz is here! For those who don't know: While I will attempt to make recommendations based on all types of fantasy leagues, I will only be speaking to what is known as "advanced scoring" when it comes to actual fantasy production as I find standard scoring and 9 […]


Bobcats Fall to Another of NBA’s Worst Teams This Year

To be taken seriously in the NBA, you win the games that are easily winnable and you win some games that are very challenging.  Tonight, the Bobcats could not pull it together to beat the lowly Utah Jazz…again.  The Jazz, who are a miserable 9-24 on the season, notched its 10th win at our expense […]


Bobcats Struggle to Finish, Lose to the Hawks

(Courtesy Dave Tulis – AP) Well, it’s same story line, but in a different city.  Charlotte left Charlotte last night after a close loss to the Thunder to face the Hawks tonight in yet another of their NBA back-to-back games.  Yet again, they failed to take control in the 1st quarter, which, down the stretch, cost […]


OKC Thunder Just Gets Past the Bobcats

(Courtersy Chuck Burton – AP) Well, another great outing for the Bobcats that had to end with a loss.  We keep having really good games against teams that everyone writes off as a win against the Bobcats, but every time, the Bobcats step up to the challenge and the games are exciting to watch.  Tonight’s […]

The Bobcats Fantasy Buzz – Installment 3

TSP Andrew:  My apologies on missing the second instalment of this new section.  It was written and great, but I didn't get to sit down in fromt of a computer to post it until way too late in the evening for it to help any fantasy basketball gurus.  I think I'm getting this one posted […]


Bobcats Eek Out a Victory Against Eastern Conference Worst Bucks

(Courtesy Chuck Burton – AP) How about that new Hornets logo for 2014, huh?  I start with that statement because the game was a painful one to watch.  We have seen such great improvements from the Bobcats this season, and some pretty incredible games that I guess I’ve set the bar too high for every […]

QC Crown

Bobcats Fall to the Jazz – 2014 Charlotte Hornets Logos Released

(Courtesy Todd Sumlin – Charlotte Observer) The perfect storm is brewing for the revival of professional basketball in the Carolinas, and it wasn’t lost on the 18,000-plus that packed Time Warner Cable Arena. The second half of the Bobcats’ loss to the Jazz will long be forgotten, as most NBA games in December inevitably are, […]


Bobcats Win Back-to-Back With Flair

(Courtesy – Chris Young – AP) Kemba squeezes his way through 2 defenders Wow what a game!  I figure why recap 1 win when you know there’s going to be a second win right behind it, right?  Let’s all just believe that one and go with a 104-102 victory in Toronto after having a 95 […]


4th Quarter Denies Cats; Lose to Lakers

      (Courtesy Todd Sumlin – Charlotte Observer) It’s truly a shame that the Cats lost this one. They had the Lakers right where they wanted them for the majority of the game, and they had no problem asserting themselves on offense. The Cats even used their youth to their advantage, out-hustling the Lakers […]


Bobcats Close but No Cigar Against Pacers

(Courtesy AJ Mast – AP) Chalk the Bobcats’ loss on the road at Indianapolis a moral victory. Yet, it didn’t have to be that way if a couple plays went their way down the stretch. The Cats almost handed the Pacers their first loss at home, but fell short 99-94 – the lowest margin of victory for the Pacers at […]


Cats’ Sloppy Play Gives One Away

(Photo Courtesy of Chuck Burton – AP) If three of your “core” players go 11-42 from the field on any given night, your team probably had a very rough night. That’s exactly what happened to the Bobcats. Al Jefferson (4-10 FG, 10 points, 11 rebounds), Gerald Henderson (3-14 FG, 12 points), and Kemba Walker (4-18 […]

The Bobcats Fantasy Buzz

  This is the first of what I hope to be a weekly fantasy round up specific only to the Charlotte Bobcats. In this series I will be both reviewing the fantasy performances of our individual players as well as making predictions and recommendations for the coming week's games. In future editions, I will also […]

McBob 12913

Bobcats Battle the Warriors and Are Victorious

I gotta post this pic of McBob…double-double on the night and a great all around game with only 1 turnover (Courtesy NBAE / Getty Images)   Tonight’s recap is going to be a bit different from what you have seen so far this season.  I’m not going to break things down, quarter by quarter.  I’m just […]


Bobcats Re-Focus, Slaughter Sixers

(Photo Courtesy Chuck Burton – AP) Just days after 2 nail-biting losses against the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks, the Bobcats returned to the court Friday night appearing refocused at home in a 105-88 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. While 6 Cats would score in double-figures, Jeff Taylor’s star would shine brightest – something the […]