The Teal and Purple Lose 7th straight

We can’t just look at stats on this loss. Well, you can, but it doesn’t make the loss appear to be a cut and dry one. The Hornets had a better overall field goal percentage than the Trailblazers (43.6% vs. 42.4%). They also out-assisted the Blazers 29-21. Those are key numbers that can decide victories […]

Yep, this currently illustrates our defense.  It's the old "watch the opposition score" move.

Hornets Streak Stretches to 6; Lose to Clippers 113 – 92

So, I sound like a broken record.  Team chemistry isn’t there.  Players don’t know their role with the team.  The injury bug bit us early in the season.  We need some rest and time to practice.  Does that cover it all?  I really can’t remember anymore.  Those are all valid excuses as to why we […]


Too Much Heat in Miami; Hornets Drop 5th Straight

If you take the game as a whole, it was one of the better games the Hornets have played this season.  A solid effort was put forth by every player on the team, and we just came up short at the end.   5 players in double figures is a good thing, but not when you […]


23-Point Lead Wasn’t Enough; Hornets Fall to the Magic

105-100 Let that sink in Hornets fans.  Had I written this last night, it would be filled with a ton of expletives, followed by screaming to have every player and coach’s head on a spike.  I’ve calmed down now.  Sitting on Twitter while watching the game may be bad for my health.  I know it […]

too much heat

Hornets Fall to 4-8 with Loss to the Pacers

A game that ended with a final score of 88-86 makes it sound like the game was quite the barn-burner.  Well, I guess in theory it was a barn-burner in the sense that many Hornets fans are ready to burn their barns over the inconsistency and losses.  I am on Twitter for most every broadcast […]


Hornets Take First Home Court Beat Down; Fall to Mavericks 107-80

Hmm…bright spots from last night’s game…  Well, Noah Vonleh got some playing time, and in that time he netted 6 points, 2 rebounds, a foul and a technical.  Another bright spot?  Gerald Henderson fans will be happy to know that he was the top scorer last night with 18 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. […]


Hornets Destroyed by Warriors; 112-87

So what happens when a team with 5 new players and starters with injuries face a full strength, west coast powerhouse? Nothing good. The Charlotte Hornets were without Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as the faced the Warriors last night. They also had their starting power forward, Marvin Williams, with a sore Achilles tendon. Did I mention that […]


Hornets Snag First Road Victory; 103-95 Over the Suns

In recapping our Charlotte Hornets, I really believed that I would have been writing about this first road win of the season about 2 games ago, when we played the slumping Lakers.  Then, with the way the first half went in Portland, I just knew that our first road win was going to come against […]


Hornets Intensity Fades in the 4th; Fall to Blazers

We just can’t quite close out games.  In a game where the Hornets were sporting a 23-point lead, and I was seriously considering going to bed at a normal time, I would have never imagined that we would have lost.  We did though.  102-100 was the final.  I’m glad I stayed up to watch it […]

Much like Kemba, the whole team looks to be scrambling to get it together at times.

Hornets Struggle in Lakerland; Lose 107 – 92

Any of our return readers have probably heard me reference at some point that Charlotte sometimes have Ice Age quarters.  Back when they were notoriously known as the Bobcats, it would happen more often than not.  Well, though the name has changed to the Hornets, and the teal and purple are finally home, we keep having […]


Hornets Win in Double -OT Thriller

Double OT Victory for the Hornets Talk about a thriller of a game! Once again, for me, it felt like we were playing 5-on-8 as the Hornets could not get a call to go their way. “Phantom fouls” being called where the player being called never touched the other player, endless offensive fouls being called, […]


Hornets Turn Down the Heat, Claiming 2nd Victory

Hey, the Hornets resembled what the team looked like at the end of last season, only better.  Everyone that saw minutes scored, good defense was played, we were active on the boards, and we had 3 score in double-figures.  We were able to hold it together and walk away with a victory. I made mention […]


Hornets off to a Rough Start to the Season, Fall to the Pelicans

Don’t let that 100-91 score fool you; the Hornets are not clicking on offense at all.  The last thing we can do as fans is panic.  It hasn’t been a pretty launch to the Hornets 2.0.  We should have all expected it though.  There is a ton of chemistry to be worked out with the […]


Hornets Fall Short in New York

So, do we blame the second loss in a row on being tired, lack of chemistry, poor shooting, a 5-second call that wasn’t 5 seconds… I can say we lost 93-96 to the Knicks.  Why?  Well, that was the score.  What did we do wrong?  Does it paint a fair picture of how the team […]


Will the Charlotte Hornets Make the Playoffs This Season?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Justin Becker of You can him on twitter @NBAandNFLInfo or on theFantasy Basketball Money Leagues Google+ Page, and for more Charlotte Hornets News and Rumors visit Fantasy Basketball Money Leagues today!   Will the Charlotte Hornets Make The Playoffs This Season?   Fans will become engrossed […]