Bobcats Fantasy Buzz; Installment 6

The sixth installment of the fantasy buzz is here! For those who don't know: While I will attempt to make recommendations based on all types of fantasy leagues, I will only be speaking to what is known as "advanced scoring" when it comes to actual fantasy production as I find standard scoring and 9 Category leagues to be boring. That being said, let's dive into the performances of our squad this past week, break down my predictions from last week and look ahead to the next week of games!


The Cats played 3 games this past week: The Wizards on Tuesday, the Timberwolves on Friday and the Bulls on Saturday. Some players have dropped out of the rotation and/or are having very minimal fantasy impact and so I will leave them out of the discussion. Here's how our boys performed:

Kemba Walker: averaged 37 fantasy points across those 3 games with his best effort coming from a 47 point outing against the Bulls. I predicted he'd have strong games in all 3, but I must admit that I'm surprised he put up his best numbers in Chicago.

Gerald Henderson: averaged 23 fantasy points across those 3 games with two stellar performances against the Wizards and Bulls (39 and 42 fantasy points, respectively) but only an 18 point dud against the Timberwolves. Both of his big games came as a surprise to me as Henderson has been truly inconsistent lately and both those teams are notorious for shutting down opposing wings.

Josh McRoberts: continued to streak in the wrong direction, averaging only 18 fantasy points across those 3 games due largely to a 6 point dud against the Wizards. While I recommended sitting him for all 3 games, I also said his best chance for production would be against the Wizards. Did you know that crow tastes best when served with a side of potatoes?

Al Jefferson: took a bit of a dive, averaging only 26 fantasy points across those 3 games with his only impressive performance coming against the Bulls (38 points). While the two low production games were a bit disappointing (22 vs. the Wizards, 17 vs. the T-wolves) he's still as reliable as they come for big man fantasy production.

Ramon Sessions: averaged only 13 fantasy points per game across those 3 games with disappointing numbers in all 3. He only saw more than 20 minutes of court time against the Wizards but then only managed 17 fantasy points in 30 minutes. The Bobcats bench has been disappointing as a whole the past two weeks, but Sessions is the 6th man of the team so he will continue to get the most opportunities to turn things around.

Chris Douglas-Roberts: continues to surprise me, both with the playing time he's getting and with his production! He averaged 13 fantasy points across those 3 games with two 20 point outings against the Wizards and Timberwolves but he only managed ONE fantasy point in 30 minutes of action against the Bulls. With that most recent dud and MKG working his way back into practice from his broken hand it is impossible to look to CDR for reliable fantasy production in the future.

Looking ahead, the Bobcats play five games this week: The Knicks on Tuesday, the 76ers on Wednesday, the Magic on Friday, the Heat on Saturday and the Raptors on Monday. Here are some recommendations of who to get in your lineup:

1. Kemba Walker: a strong play in any type of league, it is impossible for me to recommend sitting him at all this week. He and Jefferson are the heart and soul of the team and it shows in fantasy production. Only one of the teams he faces in the coming week is in the top 10 of the league statistically versus opposing PGs and that's the Raptors, who Kemba torched for 37 fantasy points last time the two matched up. Keep rolling him out there until he gives you a reason not to.

2. Gerald Henderson: Henderson makes for a good start in four of his five games this week. I would recommend sitting him against the Heat as he will spend most of his time guarding and being defended by a combination of LeBron, Wade, Allen and Battier. He has a chance to put up nice numbers in all other games this week, but if you have a better starter then you can always leave Hendo on the bench. If I had to pick only one game to play him in I'd say roll him out there for tonight's home game against the Knicks.

3.  Josh McRoberts: with 4 of his matchups coming against quality post defending teams I would recommend sitting him all week unless you need a starter on Wednesday when the Cats face the defensively challenged 76ers. There's just no point in rolling McBob out there until he gets out of his current funk unless you are just desperate for a starter.

4. Al Jefferson: Allow me to copy and paste the first sentence from last week's predictions: must start. Period. It doesn't matter who he is matched up against. I expect him to put up big numbers in all 5 games. He and Kemba are the heart of the team and the team goes as they do. Keep rolling him out there until he gives you a reason not to!

5. Ramon Sessions: could make for a nice spot start this week against the Knicks, 76ers and Magic. As always, if you have a true starter on your squad you will want to roll with them, but Sessions can quietly get you some points against the weak back courts of the three teams I mentioned. I would advise sitting him versus the Heat and Raptors, however, as both lead the league in stopping opposing PGs.


I must refrain from recommending any other players until we see what Coach Clifford will be doing with the rotations once MKG returns. Tolliver had a nice 27 point outing against the Timberwolves, but he doesn't normally see enough time on the court to be relied on in even the deepest leagues. Douglas-Roberts could see his playing time vanish once MKG gets back and we need to see MKG on the court and producing before recommending him at all. So in other words, keep your fingers crossed that we will have some positive production from this group to discuss next week!

That's all for this week! I will be back next week to review the fantasy performances of our players, point out where my predictions went wrong and/or right and recommend some players for the next week's games. Until then, good luck, have fun and GO BOBCATS!

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