The Bobcats Fantasy Buzz – Installment 3

TSP Andrew:  My apologies on missing the second instalment of this new section.  It was written and great, but I didn't get to sit down in fromt of a computer to post it until way too late in the evening for it to help any fantasy basketball gurus.  I think I'm getting this one posted up in time for everyone to read and make decisions on.


The third installment of the fantasy buzz is here! For those who don't know: While I will attempt to make recommendations based on all types of fantasy leagues, I will only be speaking to what is known as "advanced scoring" when it comes to actual fantasy production as I find standard scoring and 9 Category leagues to be boring. That being said, let's dive into the performances of our squad this past week, break down my predictions from last week and look ahead to the next week of games!

The Cats played 4 games this past week: The Raptors on Wednesday, the Pistons on Friday, the Jazz on Saturday and the Bucks on Monday. Some players have dropped out of the rotation and/or are having very minimal fantasy impact and so I will leave them out of the discussion. Here's how out boys performed:

Kemba Walker: averaged 45 fantasy points across those 4 games with 2 really stellar performances against the Pistons and Bucks (54 and 52 fantasy points, respectively). Last week I predicted he would have a strong game against the Raptors and Bucks, both of which were accurate. However, I did not foresee him having such a fantastic game against Brandon Jennings and the Pistons.

Gerald Henderson: averaged 27 fantasy points across those 4 games with his best performance coming from his 42 fantasy points against the Pistons. I recommended using Hendo in all 4 games if you were desperate for a starter but said he'd be a strong start against the Raptors and Bucks. Unfortunately for my accuracy's sake, his best game was a 42 fantasy point outburst against the Pistons.

Josh McRoberts: averaged 21 fantasy points across those 4 games with his best game coming against the Raptors with 35 fantasy points, but his numbers took a bit of a dip in the other 3 games. Last week I recommended starting him against the Jazz and Bucks, but he was disappointing in both games, managing just 15 and 12 fantasy points respectively.

Al Jefferson: averaged 47 fantasy points across those 4 games with stellar performances in all 4 games. As I said last week, you would have to be crazy to sit him in any league unless your roster is just bursting with big man talent. Jefferson has really turned it on since coming back from his ankle injury.

Jeff Taylor: suffered a horrific, season ending injury. While he was not a consistent source of fantasy production, he was beginning to produce more points in the starting SF role. His loss will hurt the Bobcats team way more than anyone's fantasy team.

Ramon Sessions: averaged 21 fantasy points per game across those 4 games with consistent performances in all 4. The injuries to MKG and Taylor will force the team to rely more heavily on him in the short term.

Cody Zeller: averaged 18 fantasy points across those 4 games and wouldn't normally be worth mentioning but he managed a 36 fantasy point night against the Bucks on Monday. He's a player worth monitoring as he is sure to get more playing time as the season progresses, but he belongs on the waiver wire for now in all but the deepest of fantasy leagues.

Looking ahead, the Bobcats only play two games this week: The Thunder on Friday and the Hawks on Saturday. Here are some recommendations of who to get in your lineup:

1. Kemba Walker: a strong play in any type of league, Kemba is a must start player in both this week's games, but especially against the Thunder who are the 25th ranked team against opposing PGs.

2. Gerald Henderson: Henderson makes for a good spot start in either game, but can't be relied on for heavy fantasy production. You can expect 20-30 fantasy points per game on any given night but he is not a strong play in either of this week's matchups.

3.  Josh McRoberts: while normally a strong play on any given night, his numbers have been trending down with the offense beginning to run through Al Jefferson. Like Hendo, McRoberts is not a strong play in either of this week's games except in the deepest of leagues or the most desperate of fantasy situations.

4. Al Jefferson: must start. Period. It doesn't mater who he is matched up against. I expect him to put up big numbers in both games, but if you have a better option to start against those two teams then you are truly the envy of your fantasy league!

5. Ramon Sessions: could make for a sneaky spot start against the Thunder this week. Their weakness against opposing PGs combined with the Bobcats injury woes could make for a nice night for Sessions.

That's all for this week! I will be back next week to review the fantasy performances of our players, point out where my predictions went wrong and/or right and recommend some players for the next week's games. Until then, good luck, have fun, Merry Christmas and GO BOBCATS!

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