Rough Road Trip Ends with LeBron Scoring 61

I fully planned on writing a 2-for-1 recap of the OKC and the Miami game.  Sadly, I just can't bring myself to do it.  I want to mention a few brief observations of what went down, but I also want to point out that the last 2 losses were against the NBA Finals teams from last year.  The best part is that we were competitive.  Follow me…

I can't lie.  We lost 3 games in which I believe that we should have won at least 2 of them.  I actually believed that we could have beat the Spurs, and either the Thunder or Heat.  I really did!  I was truly disappointed to see our 4-game win streak end in San Antonio.  We played the Spurs great, but we couldn't close out down the stretch.  Again in Oklahoma, we played a great stretch of basketball and we had them in the cross hairs, but we fell short.  A spurt in the 4th put us away.  Flash to tonight's game…same old song and dance.  We were playing good basketball, but LeBron James had to go and score 61 points.  He was nuclear from the floor, making 8-10 from the 3-point line and 22-33 from the floor.  You can't beat that.  The OKC game would have been just as bad had Durant gone off on us.  Fortunate for us, he only posted 28 points and missed all 6 of his 3-point attempts.

For the Bobcats, the usual suspects did their thing.  By usual suspects, I mean Al Jefferson for one.  Big Al had 25 point and 7 rebounds in OKC.  He was assisted with Anthony Tolliver's 17, Gary Neal's 12, and Cody Zeller's 10 points.  The Bobcats shot 44% from the floor, 36% from 3, and was 77% at the foul line.  Sadly, the result was 99-116.

In Miami, Big Al kept things rolling.  He had 38 points and 19 rebounds.  Can you believe he almost had a 40-20 night?  I love Big Al.  Anyway, his help tonight came from Chris Douglas-Roberts and Anthony Tolliver, each with 12, and from Cody Zeller and Gary Neal, each with 10.  Again, unfortunately, LeBron had a career night, and the Bobcats fell 124 – 107.  The Bobcats shot 51% from the floor, 39% from 3-point land, but were a dismal 66% from the foul line.

Did you guys notice anything in what you just read?  No mention of Kemba, Henderson, or McRoberts. Those guys have been invisible on this road trip.  I am hoping that they show up on Wednesday, as we face the Indiana Pacers.  One thing that I will mention is a bright spot that I have been waiting all season for.  That bright spot is the emergence of Cody Zeller.  He is quietly putting together his skills and is starting to fit in the NBA and on this team.  He has averaged 10 points and almost 5 rebounds per game over the last 5 games.  In the OKC game he took a loose ball knocked away from Big Al and drove it to the hoop for a monster and-1 attempt against Durant.  There was contact and everything.  I believe Cody now is where Jeff Taylor was at the beginning of this season.  He's getting used to the speed of the NBA, learning how to use his body to draw contact, and most importantly, getting used to how his teammates play.  The Bobcats would be so scary right now, had Taylor not gotten hurt.  At any rate, keep your eye on Cody Zeller.  He's a keeper and he's only going to get better.

In the meantime, Bobcats fans, let's hope that a couple days rest is what Gerald Henderson's calf needs so that he can be back in action on Wednesday.

See you Wednesday.

Let's go CATS!



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